February 10, 2010

God's Hand in my life

It is amazing how many "good things" happen to me when I pray more and speak honestly of the generosity of God.

This is not to say that I earn them in some way, or that God is rewarding me for being holier. I believe that I am tuning myself to God and gratitude. When I make a deliberate effort to be thankful for all the things we have (Trav's job, health insurance, healthy children and loved ones, rum and coke) then I am more likely to notice all the good things that happen, and in turn I am more likely to give credit where credit is due. And the more I speak of it (give due credit) - to my husband, children, friends and Facebook friends - the more I notice wonderful things in my life. But not only do I notice more, I believe those wonderful things actually happen more.

For example, 3 employees at Krogers gave me $5 the other day when I told them I couldn't afford to buy the jar of tahini they had helped me find. They insisted I take the money, telling me to buy my tahini, make my hummus and pass on the good deed. They joyfully gave to me and I was in tears as I accepted their money.

Another example, God has recently asked us to take on a new responsibility, one that may seem irresponsible to many outsiders. But we feel blessed by His decision, and in an act of faithfulness, He provided for us by having our insurance cover 100% of Ben's birth, along with all my pre and post natal care. The $500 we thought we'd have to pay our midwife we can now use for other bills. And just to show how He likes to go above and beyond, our midwife is crediting $3.20 for out next child because that's how much extra the insurance company paid her.

I have also been asked to be part of two upcoming Catholic women's conferences. These invitations have provided me with chances to work with other women of faith, be challenged and encouraged, and to use the talents I was blessed with. I am honored to be a part of these events, especially because doing so fulfills a desire I have for this sort of work. I am sure my involvement in them are just more ways that God is forming and loving me.

Lastly, after creating a home-made Valentine's Day themed centerpiece for our dining room table, my husband actually 1) noticed it and 2) commented on how nice it looked!!! His compliment meant so much to me, and well, actually I'm still pretty happy about it, 20 hours later. :)

What good things has God done in your life lately?


  1. Thank you for this post. You are an awesome woman, and your faith inspires me.

  2. Inspired me to read "In the School of the Holy Spirit." Like you said about thankfulness, I feel like this book has really opened up my heart to the Holy Spirit's promptings.

    Which makes me a nicer mom too.

    From the above mentioned book: "St Therese to her sister: 'What most draws down graces from our dear Lord is gratitude, for if we thank Him for a gift, he is touched and hastened to give us ten more, and if we thank Him again with the same sincerity, what an incalculable multiplication of graces! I have experienced this: try it and you will see. My gratitude for all that He gives me is boundless, and I prove this to Him in a thousand ways.'"

    I know I don't know you that well, but there has been a certain joyfulness about you lately. Makes sense after this blog post.

  3. Bonnie,
    I love the tahini story. It almost made ME cry :) And, so cool that your midwife credited you $3.20. I love that, too!!!

    And, I want to see this sweet centerpiece that Travis commented on, girly!!

    Happy V-Day!

  4. It sounds so artificial, but God had a hand in our tax return this year. We changed our health insurance slightly to increase the amount Bryon was bringing home in his paycheck, and we were very worried about the bills forthcoming. But thanks to our tax refund, we have enough money to cover any and all bills coming our way...plus a little extra for the unexpected. :)