February 2, 2010

I'm not comparing my children

But L rolled over at 3mo 3 wks.  She sat up by herself at 4mo.  She began crawling at 6mo 3wks.  And she was competently cruising by 8 1/2 mo, walking by 9.

Ben, who will be 5mo on Thursday has yet to master to rolling.  He's soooo close, on the brink, but he has no interest in being on his tummy so he just stays on his back or side. 

Come on, buddy!  You can do it1

Is this completely unhealthy?  I'm not disappointed in him.  But maybe I'm paving the road for a lifetime of comparing my children.  But really, when it comes to the Better Baby Award Ben wins hands down.  All he does is laugh, blow raspberries and smile.  He plays with his toys and falls asleep by himself in the crib.  L, you may remember did few of these things the first 6 months of her life. 



  1. you know what they say.....all kids are different. Maria has always had a huge vocabulary and the ability to make complex sentences very early. I know I was doomed when my two year old girl said "actually daddy, you are the one that is silly." Meanwhile my two year old son Charles still speaks in words that are hard to understand and sometimes short choppy phrases. Yet, he climbs and does physical things Maria can only dream of. It is natural to compare, that is okay. For us the boundry is when there is a comparison with pressure to perform.

  2. Simple explanation for that: He's a boy! :) But yes, it's normal to compare. Jonah crawled at 7 months and Noah didn't until 11 months! Every kid is different but boys usually do everything later than girls.... cause we're smarter ;)

  3. The only reason you're "comparing" them is because you have them to compare each other to. Of course it's not unhealthy all parents do it, if only to look at how their kids progress individually.

  4. I think I'm lucky that my boys are developing at the same rate- but it is beautiful how they have their own strengths in personality. I've always been told that boys are a typically slower, but who's to say if you have another boy he won't be rolling at 3months and crawling at 6 :) Not that you should compare to my preemie boys, but they rolled one way at 5mo the other at 6.5 mo and didn't crawl til right after their first birthday : ) No need to rush him anyway- he'll get it : )

  5. Boys are girls are so different. mia hit all the milestones way before Dane. I am just trying to slow everything down cause kids grow up too fast for me. I can't imagine how this last one will be.