March 4, 2010

Fr. Blake has a very interesting perspective on the gay community as he has seen it.  Well worth the read.


  1. iHe hit the nail on the head in expressing the very way that I feel. I think the gay community has every reason to feel sensitive to criticism - I'm sure I too would feel overly defensive from such criticism, especially coming from the religious community because they do often oppress homosexuals. However, being too sensitive to others' points of view closes one off to criticism that is valuable and true. We understand you're gay and you're proud, but don't let this pride remove your ability to admit when behaviors are wrong and/or outrageous. Don't assume that disgusting behavior such as daily exchange of sexual partners is ever exceptional, whether one is gay or not. And, because these behaviors are pointed out, don't assume we are talking about every gay person. Most of us, are not.

    Cool post, Bon. Emily

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