March 25, 2010

pride comes before the fall

In the middle of the night Ben had a super soggy diaper that needed changing.

Without turning on a light I got the pjs off, threw the old diaper away and put the clean one on. 

I can even change a diaper in the dark, I'm so good, I thought to myself.

And then, as I lifted him by his legs and grasped for the onesie snaps I picked up a big, warm turd.


  1. Oh, I can certainly relate to that! I did the same thing about a month ago...although while I thought the diaper was on and off without a hitch...i suddenly realized he and the changing table were all wet when I was putting a new diaper on. Little man must have peed while I was congratulating myself. Hmmm...tricky.

  2. That's a great story! I feel like I had so many middle of the night stories when my boys were littler.