March 27, 2010

the amazing Ben

I'm sure to most of you there is nothing amazing about this video. It's a kid, sitting and putting things in his mouth while his mother talks like an idiot.
But what you're not catching is that this little boy, just 6 months and 3 weeks ago did nothing but sleep, eat, cry and soil his diaper. It is amazing to watch a newborn grow and develop. First he learned he could hold things, then that he could switch those things hand to hand. He learned to push his chest off the ground while on his tummy. Now he slightly rocks on his knees and scootches backwards. And one day, after weeks of propping him up, sitting him in his baby chair and pointing out other babies who could sit by themselves, he could just do it. All by himself, he could sit and play. Amazing.
It's a reminder to me that the littlest victories are still significant and to be celebrated. And that I should be grateful everyday for my babes, my healthy babes.


  1. I love seeing the developmental changes, too. It's amazing how quickly their little brains and bodies grow the first couple of years.

    On a side note - Henry has the same outfit and the same toy. He and Bennet could be bopsy twins.

  2. he is absolutely adorable!!! Abraham is just now starting to sit up by himslef but still is a little wobbly. I love it when they learn to sit up. It's so cute!!! AND it helps them play by themselves better cuz they can reach and get things better. keep enjoying those kiddos!