April 15, 2010

3 great tips to (maybe) make your life easier *updated to 4

#1 - If you have dry, damaged hair use honey.  Seriously.  My mom did it and her hair has never looked better.  Gone was the frizz and in its place were beautiful curls.  She said the honey will be drawn right into the hair - no mess.  She also said she was taking back a small $25 bottle of ointment she'd gotten from her hairdresser.

#2 - If you need to get melted, half-burned candles out of candle holders stick them in the freezer.  24 hours later they will pop right out.  A priest taught me this.  It works.

#3 - Marry a really awesome man.  It works for me!

#4 - Use hydrogen peroxide to get blood out of white carpets.  I have stubbed my toes so many times and left a trail of blood throughout our house, which Trav and I clean up with hp and q-tips.  It foams; it's kinda cool.


  1. These are so random! :)

    To add to that: to get red, melted candle wax out of carpet, put papertowel over it and iron it out (low heat). It takes awhile but pretty much does the trick.

    If you are sitting down to read with your kids, just read to your kids. Don't think about the laundry, the dirty dishes, dinner, etc. They'll enjoy it more and so will you (this was today's lesson for me)

    If you can't remember if you boiled an egg or if it is raw, throw it against the fridge. No, but really, spin it on your counter. Boiled will continue to spin, raw will stop spinning right away.

    Important Question: How much honey? I could see this turning into a disaster...

  2. Lisa, I guess a little at a time - mabye a quarter sized amount. If your hair absorbs it all then add more. If not, then you're done. :)

  3. hydrogen peroxide gets blood out of laundry too... i had a large nosebleed this week that got some khaki pants covered and hp did the trick!

    and hairspray gets out ink stains in clothes, just spray it on the stain and wash it!