April 21, 2010

new things

We now have a garden. 
It's mostly planted. 
We also have a compost pile (eventually it will be a bin) in the area where the old Christmas tree sits in the picture.

"High Noon" blue walls in dining room. 
(They were supposed to be more grey.) 
Also new is the chandelier.  Pretty, I think.

"Churchill Hotel Wheat" is the color of our living room. 
I love it.

All four walls of the kitchen are now painted! 
Travis also mudded around the kitchen window and outlets that had to be moved once the counters came.  Those areas still need to be painted, but we're one step closer.

L and Ben now bathe together. 
This is L saying "cheese". 
I need to stop telling her to say that.  Her pictures always turn out like this. 
Poor girl.

The mudding and painting happened during Travis' spring break.  The kids and I moved out of the house and stayed with my parents for 4 nights. 
I have since decided that I, too, need a spring break.  I need Travis to take the kids to his parents' home and stay away for a few nights. 
I can sleep all night long. 
I can sort children's clothing. 
 I can finish cleaning out my closet. 
I can scrub the kitchen and dining room floors which haven't been more than spot cleaned in almost a year. 
Yes, I need a spring break.

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  1. it all looks so great! i love my embroidery against that new color. :-) the house is really coming together, huh? that's fantastic.