April 30, 2010

Not that I watch Oprah almost every day...

But did you see her interview with Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' mistress?

At one point Oprah asked her how she felt about all the people who don't like her, who think she's a homewrecker.

Her response was that they're just taking out on her the pain they feel because their father cheated on their mother, or they were cheated on.  (that's stupid, Rielle, and I suspect you may be smart enough to know that.)

Oprah then retorted, "What if they just think it's wrong?!"

And then came an even more stupid answer - the epitome of relativism - just because someone thinks it's wrong to commit adultry - just because that's a truth in their life - does not mean that it's wrong for everyone, most especially it is not wrong for her. 

Wow.  Actually, Rielle, adultry is always wrong.  Always wrong.  Always. 

It may make you feel better to believe otherwise, but that which makes you feel better also makes you look dumber.

After seeing Elizabeth Edwards' inteview and comparing it to this one, I can only assume that John was not thinking with his head.

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