April 15, 2010

small successes

Every Thursday Faith & Family hosts Small Successes, an opportunity for moms to list at least 3 things that went well in the last week. 

#1  At 16.5 weeks pregnant I had a check-up with Bernice, my midwife.  I had lost 3lbs since my last visit!  (I'm fat enough that this is okay, sadly.)  I've been trying very hard to not overeat and eat fill my diet with lots of healthy foods and very little sweets.  Plus, I've been going on walks with the kids or doing 45 mins on the eliptical at the gym.   

#2  I planted my garden and have done some landscaping.  We have also started composting.

#3  I have been working my bottom off on preparing for the Behold Conference, which will be this Saturday.  We have 90 registered guests coming to hear 2 national Catholic speakers.  Based on the fact that we decided to do this in February, it's the first time it's been done, and we're holding it in a Catholic school, I feel pretty pleased - and majorly grateful - for the turn out.  We have been blessed over and over again while putting this together, despite a few struggles.  I pray that God will bless conference and the women who attend.

#4  We paid off our credit card and a small loan!  (Many thanks to the federal government!)

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