May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  Ben is crawling - like CRAWLING crawling.  This boy is on the move!  I love how he slowly follows his sister and I around the house.  Kids are so awesome.

2.  Thank God for PBS Kids, and more specifically for Super Why!  It makes parenting soooo much easier.  (And blogging!)  I also love how L interacts with it - calling out the Super Letters that show up on the screen. 

3.  Here's our garden.  Besides the fact that we need to hoe it very badly - doesn't it look great?!  Green onions, two rows of lettuce, sugar snap peas and green beans in the back.  We also still have some room to plant some tomatoes, peppers and herbs; the latter two we tried to grow from seeds.  Tried = epic fail. 

4.  How cute is this kid?

5.  My grandmother-in-law called me this morning to let me know that my baby wish list was taken care of, courtesy of a garage sale.  She got us a high chair, exersaucer and car seat.  Coupled with the fact that my friend A is giving me a hand-me-down crib, I would say that the list really is taken care of!  Now if we could just pick out a name...

6.  Speaking of a name, I think we're going to be needing a girl name.  Last night I dreamed of a newborn baby girl, and with L and Ben every time I had a good dream about a baby, the gender of the babe in the dream was the gender of the babe in my womb.    We've had a couple ideas for girl names, but nothing has stuck so far... but we're not sharing names with anyone this time, so you'll just have to wait til mid-September. 

7.  This morning, while drying L off after her bath she asked me, "Where'd my ass go?"  I had her repeat it because I wasn't sure I heard her correctly the first time, but she did use the word "ass".  I never say that word.  Could she have learned it from Shrek?


  1. If she learned it from Shrek, then you know for sure that you have a genius on your hands, because they don't even use the word in the movie...they just imply it. At least I don't think they said it... I could be totally wrong!

  2. your garden looks great! so much growth already! when did you start your lettuce? i haven't planted mine yet; waiting for the rain to let up so the seeds don't wash away.