May 9, 2010

an old priest's comment on the pill

We had a visiting priest celebrating Mass for our parish this weekend.  I was unable to go due to a sick toddler but Travis told me about the homily, which was on contraception. 

The priest was ordained in 1963, around the time the pill was first released.  He observed that as the pill became more widespread parents began having 2 children, CCD classes shrunk and, people stopped coming to confession

Isn't that interesting?!  Of course you can't ask forgivenss for a sin you don't intend to stop committing.  But instead of stopping the sin, or seeking out a clear understanding on the Church's teachings on sex, the moment life begins, and contraception along with understanding the science and politics behind the pill, people just stopped receiving God's mercy and following His plan.  Wow. 

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  1. Wow. I had never thought about that connection before. I have noticed though that people still continue to go to communion. This is unfortunate. They don't even understand that contraception it is a sin! Or if they do, they don't realize that receiving communion while contracepting is a grave sin. I've spent time in South America and the Hispanics understand this. There is not a systematic single-file line during communion time. It's a go-up-when- you-are-ready or not-at-all type of "procession." How have Americans lost this reverence/understanding for the Eucharist? We don't understand that we must be spiritually clean to be worthy to receive the Most Holy Body and Blood.