May 21, 2010

Birds, I warned you...

Long time readers of this blog will remember what happened to the starlings that decided to break into our home.  For those of you who are new, allow me to point out this post, filled with a variety of ways to kill birds.

This spring Travis has decided that birds that get inside are not the only ones that need to die.    If it nests on our house, and poops all over our sidewalks, porches and railings... well it's put itself on the hit list. 

My dear husband has kept this bb gun by the back door so that he can shoot to kill any time he sees fit.  In a very redneck move, he actually shot at one bird through the living room window screen.  What can I say, we've got class.

So far he has killed 7 birds, 4 of them being barely-feathered baby birds sitting in the nest, awaiting their mother. 

Where is his heart, you may ask yourself?  Well, I'm pretty sure the part of his heart reserved for birds died the day he had to clean up massive amounts of apple bird poop all over our house.


  1. It's not so father in law shot a goundhog out their front window with a 12 gauge.

  2. so funny!! Great picture too. And while I laugh, part of my heart is sad too. Poor baby birds...


  3. my hubby wants to get bbs for our gun because we now have very annoying birds eating off our feeder