May 30, 2010

cutie pies ready for the summer

Ben has been cruising for awhile now.  He'll go all around the living room, and he's even so good that when he does fall he lands on his butt 80% of the time, instead of falling flat on his back.  Ben has also been introduced to the wonderful world of crackers, although most of the time he'll only eat a little bit of table food and then hold out for a bottle.

L is thrilled that her daddy is home every day now, and when she's not requesting to watch Up, she is insisting on helping him.  As she told me yesterday, "You stay here.  I need to go outside and see Daddy and my grandpa."

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  1. Funny you should mention Travis being home every day and how much Lydia is enjoying that. I was just thinking the other how nice it will be for you, too, to have him home every day. Hope you get some down-time to rest the next month or so.