May 10, 2010

long overdue pictures of L's 2nd Birthday

Keeping the birthday girl busy pre-party.  She's making a bug.  Clearly.

Keeping Ben happy pre-party.  Isn't he such a little man?!
L loves owls so I made the invitations with owls ("Whoooo is two?" next to an owl stamp.) and requested an owl cake.  Crafty Katie's mom made the cake, just like she made our wedding cakes.  It took her 3 hours to decorate this and she only wanted $16.
I like to have a photo album for people to look through.  The one on the table was scrapbooked by Crafty Katie as a shower gift.  I also have a tradition of a birthday cake for me.  It's a different cake for each child, and the pre-selected cake is prepared while I'm in labor, or shortly after.  I then make the cake every year for the birthday party in honor of what I did that day.  (Because it was a lot of work!)  Pineapple Upside Down cake is the L Birthday Cake.  yum.
L wearing her new jewels.
So cute reading a card.
Opening gifts.
Pictured with her godparents.
The dinner buffet. 
To make things easier on myself I invited L's grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and godparents for cake and ice cream.  Then, the day of I invited people to stay for a dinner of homemade pizza.  There was less prep work and not as many mouths to feed.  The menu also included fruit salad, lettuce salad, Cheetos (because I never buy Cheetos) and chips and guac.  yum.
Rob Blagojevich holding my son. 
The day after the party. 
L is wearing a new shirt and drinking tea from her new tea set and dishes. 
She is also not wearing pants or a diaper. 


  1. oh my! i laughed out loud on several of these. mainly lydia primly drinking tea with no pants on - awesome! I think her and evie could be best friends. Also, that owl cake is AWESOME!!!!!! Also, i LOVE the bday cake for YOU idea - wish I would have thought of that!

  2. Lydia's name was in the Mass readings today! I said a prayer for her!

  3. Kaitlin, thank you so much for the prayer!