June 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 6)

I didn't get the job.
This is what I had prayed for - that God would make it clear to me if He wanted me there or not.
But I still feel the twinge of failure that calls for sweet things and iced chai.  (Really it calls for rum and coke but that will have to wait a few more months.)

Recently I watched the movie Frost/Nixon.  It was really interesting and I encourage you to check it out.  I know it wasn't 100% accurate, but it still gave me a good sense of what went on with President Nixon.

My husband and kids have been gone since Wednesday and I've been enjoying the time to myself.  I've slowly cleaned the house, spent time with friends, worked on the next Behold Conference and loved the way the bathroom and kitchen have stayed clean!  I even got my dining room tablecloth out!

I would like to say 2 things about the oil spill:  #1 Remember Apollo 13?  Three men in space and not enough air, so the engineers at NASA - in a matter of hours - created a filter out of tape, a tube sock and other basics.  The filter worked and astronauts lived.  Why don't we give those engineers a call?
#2  There are more than 2,000 people who belong to Facebook groups about how the oil spill has ruined their summer.  I think I may be more upset with them than the oil industry, BP or our government.

Number 4 was originally a lot stronger but then I went to Mass today and felt like I needed to be a little more respectful.  Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - where we celebrate how much God loves us.  The priest kept talking about it, God's amazing love, and I realized that the people in our government, at BP, and on Facebook are all dearly loved by God and so I shouldn't call them names.  I can be mad at them, but I shouldn't call them names.  Or use swear words.  And after about 8 rewrites I accomplished both of those things.

Baby #4 update:  this pregnancy has been going really well.  Because of Ben's birth size (10lb 11oz) and my current weight, my midwife and I want to take care that I don't develop gestational diabetes.  While I have still been enjoying fruit pops and ice cream cones, I've tried to eat lots of healthy food, too.  At 27 weeks I've only gained 15lbs and after 2 days of finger-pricking glucose testing I can proudly say that my blood sugar is under control and I am gestational diabetes free!


This is our garden and I am in love with it.  Last weekend Travis hoed the entire thing, a process that took hours.  Today I hoed a few little weeds and then planted a tomato plant, cilantro and mint.  I'm not sure how the herbs will do but I'm hopeful about the tomato. 
Please also note our compost.  I love our compost.

***  I know that I am posting this on Saturday, but hubby got home right as I was beginning #7 and he told me I needed to shower quickly and get ready to go.  He surprised me with Cold Stone and Robin Hood.


  1. Be careful with mint. It spreads all over. Adams mom planted it here and when I moved in it took over the entire flower bed that lines the back of the house. You may want to research how to keep it under control if you haven't already.

  2. It's nice that God made it an easy decision, but you're right-it still stings a little. Sorry.

  3. Cilantro is more of a cool season plant. It probably won't do much now, but if you replant in late Aug or Sept, you should see better results. Also the mint will take over, so keep an eye on it.

  4. Thanks, ladies, for the tips on the mint. If it does do well in the garden I plan to replant it in a spot by the house where it can go crazy. (My mom has had mint and oregano so I know of their spreading power.)

    But really, I just need to see if it doesn't die. :)

  5. beautiful garden. you grow some good lettuce. sorry about the job, but yay for movie dates. i miss those