June 5, 2010

whack job

If you've ever commented here before then (hopefully) you've read the following message:

Anonymous comments will only be published if they are nice, or maybe not at all. Because I say so.

I'm pretty sure I put this rule into effect once some anonymous boy called me a monster.  (Here's a blogging tip:  never post about your decision to do something to your son that Jews typically do 8 days after birth.  I dare not even type the word - it starts with "c" - because I am certain there are people who have Google alerts set up when the word is typed.  If you do blog about it, be warned that strangers from all over the world will contact you telling you that it's their mission to stop the practice.  Other strangers will just be mean and ineffective.)

So.... back to the original point of this post...  Recently someone left a simple comment on my post about needing a birthday cake.  It read, "You're a whack job."

Now, I didn't publish this comment because #1 it was anonymous and #2 it was mean.  But really it was funny.  My first reaction was to laugh, my second to think, "You have no idea, buddy." 

I'm not sure if the person thinks I'm crazy because I do home births - which I allude to in the post - or because I have a special cake just for me on my kids' birthdays.  Travis thinks it's because I used a picture of a cake with a frosting-made, shirtless Tom Selleck.  If he's right, then I would have to say that Alicia Policia, the creator of the cake, is the real whack job, although I think she's brilliant.

In the end I think this blog just reaffirms that while some people like me a great deal, there are many people who wouldn't touch me with a 10.5 foot pole.


  1. I'm so glad you can just laugh this off! I need to develop your thick skin!

  2. I suppose at least the person used the correct form of "you're". It would have been more fun to make fun of the person for saying "Your a whackjob" or something like that. :)


  3. Some people can not appreciate or understand authenticity or individuality. Somehow your desire to have a unique and personal tradition is threatening to somehow else, who obviously is not a friend but still feels the need to read your blog (can't people find better things to do?). I don't agree with you about a lot of things, Bon, but you're no whackjob. And another things...any excuse to eat cake is alright by me. Love that you eat pineapple upside down cake on Lydia's b-day. You made it for me on my b-day, once, and it was delicious!! As you know, I love pineapple! :) Love, Em

  4. I think that I agree with Travis about the reference being to the photo of the cake. Tom Selleck? Chest Hair? I wouldn't touch that with a 10.5 foot pole.

  5. I think you're great! And, yes, I, too, learned the hard way about blogging using the "c" word. I had a few commenters leave things on the con side, but one guy left a really strong pro message that was so "pro" it would make a person feel like a horrible human being if they didn't do the deed in the end. After the hailstorm ended, I decided not to post our decision, just that it had been made.

  6. very weird that of all the somewhat controversial things you post about, they called you whack job over the cake post. they must have some very strong feelings about the proper ways and times to eat cake. maybe it was the queen of england. oh, internet. you're so full of strange and troubling interactions.