June 8, 2010

Yep, two years ago yesterday my sweetie pie was washed clean of original sin and brought into covenant with God, officially become His daughter and a member of the Roman Catholic Church. In short - she was Baptized!
We celebrated by going to the zoo with some friends. (Let's not talk about the disgusting amount of junk food I ate for lunch.)

After a good long nap for the kids, the family had dinner with L's beloved godmother, who brought her three more pearls in honor of the day. We then completed the celebration by heading over to the Dairy Barn for ice cream cones.
It was a fun, beautiful day.
All praise and thanksgiving to God for the wonderful gift He has given our family in L, and for the gift of salvation He has given us through His Son and Sacraments!
So what about you? Do you and your family celebrate the anniversary of Baptisms? If so, how? I'd love to hear some great ideas if you've got any.

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  1. I love that you went to the zoo!! What a great place to celebrate an even better anniversary! =)