July 2, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

This morning the kids both awoke around 5am.  Trav brought L to bed to snuggle (which she does every morning) and Ben to bed to be handed off to me.  He snuggled up to me, giggled, looked at me and laughed.  It was so sweet.  Of course, unfortunately, I had to pee (like any good pregnant woman) so I handed him off.  One bottle later he was sound asleep again in his crib.  Two hours later everyone is still asleep.

Everyone is asleep, except for me.  I have a feeling I will be dragging by 10am, dead tired by 2pm and unwilling to get off the couch by 5pm.  Pray for me.

I made this apple coffee cake recipe this morning - the the beautiful quiet of the house.  I type this as it bakes, and the coffee brews.  I'm hoping my husband will awaken - completely delighted.  (Although he might not like the chunks of apple.  But he'll have to get over that because the apples needed to be used and there weren't enough for a pie.  Plus they negate the ridiculous amount of brown sugar in the struesel topping.)

Have you ever listened to Kate Rusby?  She's a British folk singer and she's one of my favorites.  I've loved her since I first saw the movie Heartlands - she provides many of the songs for the soundtrack and is even in the film.  One of my favorite songs of hers is Sir Englamore.  Listen to it - it's fun.
Kate has kept me company this morning.  She's delicious.

Next week I'll be giving a small talk to a small group of high school girls on receptivity.  I think I'll cover receptivity in prayer and through fraternal correction.  Any ideas on how to present this to high school girls so they listen.  Over the years I have become terrified of high schoolers.   

Am I the only parent who gets really annoyed when the following happens:
I take my kids to a public park and my daughter, who LOVES slides, heads straight for the tallest slide on the playground.  But 75% of the time older, bigger kids are hogging it.  They sit at the bottom or at the top, and they continually slide down, walk back up, slide down, walk back up - never getting off of it.  I know that for a 7-11 year old this is fun and safe enough.  But for my little 2 year old it is not safe and so I don't let her play there.  When I call out to her to not climb up the slide, as she follows a bigger kid, or to stay away from the slide I am also hoping that the parent of bigger kid will instruct their child to not climb the slide, to share with the little kids.  But they don't.  They look up, and then go back to their reading.  I find this rude  - it's a public park! - and usually we end up leaving early because all she wants is to slide on the slide I won't let her slide on.  (Follow that?)
Am I out of line?

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there! 
 God bless and protect our soldiers, give wisdom to our president, congress and judges, bring peace to our citizens.


  1. Sounds like you were able to turn an early wake up call into a wonderful morning. I too am terrified of high schoolers, good luck. Slides -- I usually hip check the kids off the slide, learned that from my many years playing soccer. My kid will probably be the inconsiderate big kid, so don't hate me ;) but I'll make sure she helps the little ones. What I dislike more is when I tell my kid to not throw sand, and then the bigger kid says "I can throw sand" and proceeds to try to throw/kick sand at us.

  2. ...terrified of high schoolers? I am too, but I like the fact that I have the opportunity to guide students' futures with one official transcript, ACT scores and an application. You could always find some creative way with comparing receptivity with preparing for college...then you can combine your spiritual experience with work experience and throw in some life experience too. :)

    I really hope that makes sense. :)

  3. Again with the daycare experience, we don't allow any of the kids to climb any of our slides, no matter what the age. It is dangerous for the younger ones to see (and try). I totally understand where you are coming from and you're not out of line.

  4. I'm a rude momma then because I'm often the one with my nose in a book letting the kids climb. Kids do that, they climb, especially boys. I can understand in a daycare situation why children aren't allowed to climb. The daycare has to be held accountable for any accidents a child has.

    If it bothers you, kids are generally pretty compliant. Maybe you could just suggest that the big ones could not do that because the little ones look up to them and want to do the awesome things (like climbing) that they can do, but can't because they aren't big enough. Does that make sense? Or better yet, make nice conversation with the other mother and gently insert your concern...

    I don't think it's reasonable for a mom to instruct a child not to climb - unless said child is being obnoxious and out of control.

  5. Totally unrelated to this post....I saw a link to an article from Midwifery Today (an old article, though) and thought of you. There's an addendum at the end of the article on positioning of baby and how to prevent a posterior baby for ease of labor and reducing labor time. Given Lydia's birth, I thought it may interest you, should you find yourself in that position again.