July 30, 2010

7 quick takes

We are at the end of hell week over here. 
This is also crunch time.  Travis has been working as hard as he can to finish the house enough so that we can host 20 some friends tomorrow at a party.  Ten of the them are spending the night - a fact that makes us happy - but we need carpet down, towel racks up, and railing installed.  I'd show you a picture of how disordered our house currently is, but the batteries are dead in my camera.  Shucky darn.

I should say that the progress we have made would not have been possible if my in-laws hadn't already dedicated hours of free labor, our siblings hadn't volunteered help, my mother-in-law wasn't babysitting the kids, and my mom hadn't spent all day working in the yard with me and helping Trav upstairs.

Now if I would just get off the computer and clean up the oatmeal I spilled on the floor 2 hours ago.  I'm such a lazy bum, especially compared to all the hardworkers who surround me.

Ben is starting to kiss on a more frequent basis.  Great big, wet, open mouth kisses.  It's beautiful.

The baby in my womb seems to be shaking her head a lot.  It's an odd, but awesome, feeling.

What are your favorite songs to sing at church? 
 I have to pick out 3 songs for Mass on Saturday - an opening and closing hymn and one for the communion meditation.  I tend to lean towards more traditional songs like How Can I Keep from Singing?, Alleluia!  Sing to Jesus, O God Beyond All Praising, or The King of Love My Shepherd Is.  I think I'll do the Jesus, Jesus Canon for the meditation... but I'm just not sure about the other two.
Suggestions?  I'm open for some good praise and worship, too.

I turned 29 last Sunday.  It's a weird age - not a bad one - but the notorious 30 is now very, very close.

I have noticed that many of my peers (other stay at home moms with children under the age of 4) like to take their kids to parks.  In the summer.  In central IL.  Where it is 83 and humid at 10am.  Don't they know that parks are for spring and fall days?  Haven't they been told that summer days are for swimming pools or air conditioning?
Seriously, don't you moms know this?!
How do you do it?!  Were you hypnotised to believe that parks in the summer are fun?


  1. I'm so with you on the park thing. If I'm desperate to get out of the house, I'll do it. Otherwise - I prefer indoor, air-conditioned playdates!

  2. You know...here in CO, the weather in the morning is still pretty mild...on good days. I think b/c of the lack of humidity, it's def. tolerable.

    We are at the park quite a bit this summer...but if I was still in NE, I wouldn't be saying that so candidly...

  3. sooo, ah, does this mean you don't want to go to the park? ;)

    how can you tell what body part your belly baby is moving? I was never able to distinguish, I just felt movement and jerking.