August 6, 2010

In last week's 7 Quick Takes I talked about the massive amount of prep work we had to do around our house for a party.  Some good friends read along with great compassion and understanding.  "Oh yeah," they thought, "it can be so much work picking things up, vacuuming the carpet..." and then they saw we were laying carpet.
We were teased, and rightfully so. 

My uber adorable son, who now has 6 teeth and walks like he just got off a horse, does two uber adorable things:  #1  When he wants to turn around for a dropped item or to chase his sister he makes wide circles.  Think of a semi.  That's my boy.   #2  He wiggles his toes when he's sitting and doing something that makes him happy.  Eating, listening to music, watching tv, playing - his little toes will be a-wigglin'.

My 10 year class reunion is coming up.  It happens to be on the same day as Ben's birthday.  Originally we were going to have his birthday party on that day (Saturday), but now I'm thinking I'll move the party to Sunday so I can go to the reunion.  Here's the thing - I want to make sure my old friends will be there.  So here comes the official "shout-outs":
Sarah - I never expected you to come to any reunion so I'm not gonna be disappointed one way or another, but it's always great to see you and Justin.
Hedda - I think it's lame you're not coming, and I really think you should.  Seriously, you could stay the night and come to my son's 1st birthday party.  Do you need another reason?
Em - I'm really, really hoping you'll be there.
Paige - I'm bummed you can't make it, but I understand.
Mindy - You have no idea how badly I want to see you again and catch up.
Kathryn - please come; you make me laugh like no one else and I want to finally meet your husband
Jamie - I've been a pathetic friend, but I really want to see you and your husband again so I can beg forgiveness in person.
Christina - I'm hoping you'll be there so I can give you a big hug.  I miss your spunkiness.
LB - you said you're coming and that makes me very happy.  :)  You get an A.
I could go on, but I think you're getting the point.  People, you need to come.  (That's the point, in case you didn't get it.)

We're all moved upstairs.  It's totally awesome.  The master bedroom is huge and I feel like a queen.  Ben is sleeping better and longer now that he's on his own (and finally in the crib and not in the pack-n-play).  L is in a big girl bed - which happens to be my old mattress, on the floor - and she too is sleeping better and longer on her own.  Our house is now officially massive, though not ridiculously so.  We use every room every day, but we're not crammed together.  And anyone who has ever been in the home I grew up in will know that "massive" will be a pretty relative term for me.

Today I see Bernice.  I'm almost 35 weeks.  My feet have begun to swell and tingle.  This makes me nervous, though my blood pressure was taken on Tuesday and it was 120/67.  My blood sugars have been pretty good, but that's probably because I've been eating protein every 3 hours.  But we'll see what Bernice says about it all.

Babies everywhere!
Recently, a bunch of my friends have give birth.  So congrats to Alisha and Charlotte down south, Amanda and Charlotte, Jamie and Charity, and Rachel and Benjamin!  And congrats to all their families and fathers!  I'm looking forward to joining your club next month!
Yay for babies!

Please say a quick prayer for my friend Rose and I as we continue to make plans for the next Behold Conference.  We are really excited about our plans and are praying that God will line everything up for us, as we work our tails off in the meantime.  It's so important to be following God's will in every decision, so also pray that we know what it is as we progress.
Thanks, friends.


  1. Bon, I'm sorry about not making it to the cousin is getting married in Springfield and the darn guy won't change the date...relative! :) Please post pics of the house! I want to see them and be uber jealous of all your space. Sounds like the baby's coming soon. So exciting!!

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Bonnie. Can I come to the reunion, too?

  3. Maybe I could just come to your son's birthday party? I have seen you in forever, and I would love to see your belly and those beautiful kids of yours. Miss you.

  4. I'm shocked that you never expected me to come to the reunion : ) But, it is always good to see you and your family. I don't know the next time we will be in the area, but I would love to get together. And, if it's around baby time, I would love to come over and help. I wish I was closer to you : ( I will let you know the next time we plan a trip and maybe we can get together.