August 20, 2010

7 quick takes

Sometimes she insists on wearing a jacket (in the middle of the summer).  Of course that's not the only odd thing happening in this picture, but it's the only one I'll comment on.

Of course L is cute in this pic, but B is just ADORABLE!!!!

L's first ever ponytail.  And she didn't take it out.

You mean you don't put mini marshmallows on your legs?

This is from the photoshoot for the 1st birthday invitation.  If only the eyes were open...  it's so close to perfect!

Trav's first day back in the classroom and there were 4 garbage bags filled with clothes for L.  They are all sizes 4 & 5.  One of these days I'll sort through them and weed out the ones we'll use and pass on the rest.  There's a lot of cute clothes in there, and I'm not sure how much we'll actually need.  Until then, there will most likely be bundle of clothes in our dining room.  It's very charming.
(Thank you to the co-worker who gave these to us!  They will be very helpful!)

Doesn't this look soooo nice.  :)


  1. i'm jealous - we dont have anyone to give us girl clothes. :( Lucy is the oldest or the same size as all the girls we know.

  2. Love the pictures of the kids! Lydia is looking so long these days. They're both just adorable, of course. :-) Hope you're feeling well in these last weeks.

  3. Seriously, Bennet is just so, so, so, so, so cute!! Lydia is too, of course, but Bennet looks EXACTLY like this little boy I've been tutoring all summer. Same smile and everything! That second picture should be your Christmas card this year...of course, you'll have your new baby by then, so maybe not :) But I still love it.