August 23, 2010

Home Tour

Welcome to our house! 
Let me show you around so you can see all the improvements Travis has been making...

Here's the view of the living room from the entrance/dining room. 
It's wonderful not having our bed on the far side of the living room any more!  Whew!  You can see the computer desk peeking out from behind the blue wall on the right.  That has opened up the dining room tremendously. 

In fact, we were able to move our buffet (handmade from the wood of a cherry tree that used to stand in my parents' backyard) so it can be showcased better. 

And let me show you what we've done with the nursery:
It has now become a playroom! 
 Ben takes his naps in here still, and we left the changing table since we spend most of our time downstairs anyways.  It's wonderful having all the bedrooms upstairs, everyone in their own little area.

Why don't we go upstairs now...
The stairs will be carpeted eventually.
Check out the window.  We ordered it for the bathroom and ended up not needing it there.  Last minute decision - to put it at the top of the stairs - was a great idea.  It lets in all kinds of light and really cheers up an area which would otherwise be pretty dark.

Didn't Trav and his brother do a great job with the railing?!  I love it!!
Of course the hallway still needs carpeting... but let's take a look into L's room.

This is her "big girl bed" - my old mattress laid on the floor. 
She has a nice sized closet to the left.  The carpet is the same remnant from my grandparents' house.  You can read about how we acquired it here.  And actually, you should check out that link.  It'll refresh your memory on what the upstairs used to look like.  For instance, this room was the kitchen.  :)

On to Ben's room:
Standing in the doorway...
and standing by the dresser.  His closet is to the right of the crib. 
It's a good sized room, and we'll most likely put the next baby in here with him, once Baby #4 outgrows the bassinet anyways.  By the way, this room has always been a bedroom and not much was done structurally besides moving the door over a little bit and making the closet bigger.

The bathroom is the next one down the hall.
Please excuse the mismatching towels.
Travis plans on adding a built in shelf where you see the stack of toilet paper.
For those of you who checked out the old link, or are familiar with our house, the sink is there the old "front door" was.  The toilet is in the same place.

And finally the master bedroom: 
The view from the bed, followed by the view from the double window.
 Perhaps my favorite part of this room:  the large walk-in closet.
Woo hoo!
Okay, the room still needs to be painted (a lighter green) and I want to do something with the curtains... I'm just not sure what...  I'm thinking of some kind of large "stamp" from brown ink/dye.  Crafty people - got any ideas?


  1. Oh My My!!! It looks wonderful!!! So happy for your family! I love Lydia's comforter and the flooring in the bathroom :0) Can't wait to come over and see it! Congrats to you!

  2. wow!! Looks so great. I'm so happy for you that you are settled before the new little one comes.

  3. I am so impressed! Can't wait to see it in person. Love, Em

  4. it's looking so nice! i love all the cool colors you have chosen. wonderful.

  5. Wow what a change since I was there 2 months ago. It looks MAHHVELOUSSSSSSSS!

    Laura Albrecht