August 19, 2010

Seen any good movies lately?

Funny you should ask because, yes, I have.

Seriously, thank God for Netflix.  It makes life without cable a little better sometimes, ya know.  So if you're looking for something good to watch, here's a few reviews:

Watch Instantly
The Right Stuff - astronaut movie, made me think of Mrs. Cox (GHMS).  Good but very long. 
Shawshank Redemption - of course I've seen it before but it had been so long.  What a great movie.
Hearts in Atlantis - I can't help it, I like Anthony Hopkins. 
Planet 51 - cute, but I was disappointed in some of "adult" jokes.
The Searchers - you know, the John Wayne movie
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - how can you not like this movie?
Tender Mercies - I also happen to like Robert Duvall.  Did you know he could sing and write music?!
Michael Jackson This Is It - impressive.  I was amazed at how current his songs still sound. 
The Men Who Stare at Goats - I wanted to like this movie.  I just couldn't do it.
Ballykissangel - the old BBC show set in Ireland.  Have you seen it?  It's soooo good!

Not Watch Instantly
Up in the Air - it was okay.  Too much casual sex for my liking, but take that away and it was good.
The Book of Eli - I liked this a lot.
Invictus - Sooooo goooood.  Watch it.  Love it.

What about you?  Do you have any good movies to recommend?


  1. You should watch "Away we go" with Jim from the Office.

  2. A fun one is Zombieland. Now to balance that out, I really like Padre Pio Miracle Worker. Millions is cute. I really liked the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and I think I'm due for another viewing of 3:10 to Yuma. We just bought Rear Window (Hitchcock, with Jimmy Stewart) at a yardsale, that's a good flick.

    I love movies.

  3. Oh man, Away we go is a GREAT one. I need to buy that!
    And I liked up in the air because I didn't like the casual sex, but you see him realize that he wants more than that and then get screwed and see what he does to other people.
    I mean, I didn't like the sex part, but I liked the sex theme. There's more to life.
    Zomieland looked so ridiculously stupid, but it's hilarious.
    I watched Leap Year because I'm a girl and it's about an Irish guy. For that reason, I liked it.
    Pirate Radio is an ok one. It's got a lot of foreign guys that I love.

  4. I'm so incredibly impressed you watch movies! I think I've seen one movie of my choosing here at home since Henry's been born. Neither of my kids are good sleepers and I think that's largely why I haven't. I have high hopes, though, of movie nights returning some day.

  5. I feel the same way about Up in the Air. I was really liking it until the twist at the end with George Clooney's love interest. Didn't like that at all. Honestly, though, that's the only movie from your list that I have seen...if you like romantic comedies, Letters to Juliet and Leap Year are both good, mostly because of the Rome and Ireland scenery.

  6. Did you know BallyK is available on instant watch on Netflix? I so wish I could come down there some Tuesday or Wednesday and watch it with you!

  7. Okay, I'm an idiot, sorry, I just noticed you had that on your Watch Instantly list. Sorry, I commented later at night and I obviously wasn't reading clearly