September 29, 2010

EEG results

Yesterday morning James had his third EEG.  The results came today, and the nurse practitioner said they were "quite abnormal."  This is a bit of a blow for Trav and I.
Travis called James' doctor and was told that the results weren't what she had hoped they would be, but there is still no way to say what the outcome will be.

This afternoon L was talking about the Holy Hour last night.  "We drew pictures in the pew for Baby James.  He's my brother.  We healed him, didn't we?"  I guess that's faith like a child, huh?


  1. I am so sorry to hear that today's news wasn't good. I will continue to pray fervently for James and for your whole family.

  2. You are all very near to our hearts. Prayers continue.

  3. I'm so sorry that the results were discouraging. I think I'd listen to the doctor more seriously than the PA. The doctor has undoubtedly had more training and more experience both in reading EEG's and in seeing the outcome of lots of cases.

    Let me tell you about something that happened when I was in my 20's. My college roommate's husband was in a serious car accident and was in the hospital in a coma. A doctor had come in and told my friend that her husband was having decerebrate (sp?)activity and this was probably an indication that his brain stem injury was severe and he probably wasn't going to survive. I went out in the hall and walked up and down praying for him. While I was praying I got this real peace that he wasn't going to die. I didn't even dare tell my friend because I didn't want to give her false hope. There began to be improvement over the next 12 hours. Within days instead of dying he was moved out of the intensive care unit into a lower level of care. Within a few weeks he was in rehab. Now he didn't make a total recovery, but he walks, he talks, he drives, he's held a job, he parented his daughter. Sadly the marriage didn't survive, he has never again been able to play his trumpet (and he was a marvelous trumpeter), but nearly 37 years later he's still alive and enjoying life.

    Now I know stories don't always end that happily. My sister had massive brain damage after a pulmonary embolism and she didn't survive it. The flat line EEG she had truly was the devastating diagnosis that we feared.

    No one yet knows what God has in mind for James. What we know is that so far He's had a hand of protection on Him or he wouldn't even be alive at this point. Babies are a lot more capable of incredible healing than adults and God is capable of miracles that modern medicine can't explain.

    You have prayers from all over the country being said for all of you. I'm so glad that your local community is showering you with love.

  4. Well that really stinks. Hang in there. No one knows what the future will hold. I hope you feel yourself lifted by the power of prayer. Thinking of you

  5. It drives me nuts how vague medical staff can be sometimes. I know that there's reasons for that, but you are parents of a newborn and I'm sorry, but I think "quite abnormal" is quite unacceptable. I still continue to pray because for James. :) I think it's a miracle how far he comes already; God is good. :)

  6. I will continue to pray. I am so sorry, Bonnie.


  7. I'm so sorry that the news wasn't good today. Do have hope, though! And keep your focus on how this sweet child has blessed you (and so many others) and will continue to do so. My sister was born several months premature in 1978 and ended up with cerebral palsy--mostly physical disabilities (unable to walk, very poor fine motor skills) and some mental. It certainly was a long road for my parents, especially in the early stages when they were literally waiting to see how the damage would manifest itself, but they've remained devoted to her and she has been such a blessing to our family and to so many others. I don't know you, but I can tell my reading this blog that you're an amazing woman and mother and that you and your husband will remain faithful to James and to the Lord. May He bless you abundantly in return!