September 24, 2010


At times Travis and I feel completely overwhelmed by the circumstances we are now in.

However, we are also overwhelmed by the amazing generoustiy of friends, family, and strangers. People all over the world are praying for my son. I keep hearing about churches who have us on their prayer chains, Newman Centers who are offering Holy Hours, Bible Study and Mom Groups who are lifting us up before the Lord. It too is overwhelming. But instead of making me feel like I am drowning I feel like I am being carried along. Such a small act of love has such huge results.

We have also been deeply touched by people who have given to us: meals, groceries, gas cards, money, gift cards, babysitting, cleaning. We will never be able to repay such thoughtfulness, though I know that is not why these things are offered and given.

I was asked to put the link to sign up for dinners on the blog. It's on the top of the column on the right. You may have already noticed that the prayer for Archbishop Sheen's intercession and a miraculous healing of James is on the top left. Please join my family in praying that prayer every day, throughout the day.

I know my words are small, but THANK YOU!


  1. The prayer is beautiful Bonnie. We'll pray it nightly for baby James.

  2. Bonnie- I printed out your prayer and have it hanging by my desk at work. I will look at it and say it many times during the day. I also pray for strength for you and Travis. Also, for Lydia and Bennet because they don't understand.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that even the littlest people are praying for James. My son is 4 and while driving today informed me that he just said a prayer for baby James and that he loves him. Thinking and praying for you all.

    Melissa Kidder
    (1st Ten)

  4. Bonnie, Travis, Lydia, and Bennet

    I have been praying the prayer along with spending time in Adoration for your sweet baby boy. I pray that God will grant your requests and heal baby James. I also pray He gives you all strength to get through each day.

    -Amy (Alumni of ISU and the St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Newman Center)