September 15, 2010

My labor so far

I'll keep this pretty short and sweet - and I'm not gonna worry about grammar!!  So sorry for mistakes!

First, I started having some fairly mild contractions last night.  A couple woke me up and a couple I felt while tending to the other kiddos, but none of them hurt very much at all.  I have been hoping and praying for a good night's rest and then labor in the morning for this one, instead of laboring at night, so I was feeling pretty good when I woke up at 6:30, Ben was still asleep, L wanted to snuggle, and I was still sleepy and still having contractions.  I got to sleep in until 8am, enjoying one last morning of snuggling with my little girl before our family dynamics changed.  It was wonderful!

At 8:30 I called my mom and asked her to come over, saying I thought labor would be today.  But by the time she got to our house (9:30ish) my contractions were pretty few and far between.  Boo.

I scrubbed the bathtub and went for a walk.  I went upstairs and downstairs.  They eventuallty came back enough (thanks to an episode of Glee) for me to call Travis and my midwife. 

Mom took the kids for the evening, and when Trav and I got home we decided to go for a ride in the car.  The car ride was what did the trick.  The contractions are here, and they are longer, stronger and closer together.  For sure.


  1. SO excited for you, Bonnie! Hope it doesn't go too late into the night. Many prayers are being said for you! Can't wait to hear more.
    God bless you and all those with you tonight!

    Katie M

  2. I can't believe you wrote a post while in labor!! I'm so glad you did though! CAN'T WAIT to hear more! I might not be able to sleep in anticipation!


  3. OMgoodness I am so excited for you!!!

    I'm praying for you! Strength and peace...

  4. YAY GLEE!! Which episode did you watch?? Can't wait to meet baby! =)

  5. Okay, don't even ask me why I'm still up at 1:30am - but I hope you have a baby in your arms right now! Can't wait to hear the exciting news!

    1. Marie, I'm typing this two years later but I think it's just amazing that just as I was beginning to push and minutes before I gave birth you were up, looking at this post, and praying for the situation. That's amazing.

  6. Like everyone else reading your blog, we're praying for you! I'm sure you've had that precious baby by now, though!