September 12, 2010

preparation for big events

- homemade pizza with sausage and pepperoni  CHECK
- IBC rootbeer  CHECK
- Dr. Pepper  CHECK
- guacamole and chips  CHECK
- Reeces PB Cups  CHECK

We are ready for the first Bears game of the regular season

- clean hand and bath towels and washcloths, 4 of each  CHECK
- 2 flannel backed vinyl tablecloths  CHECK
- cleaned ice cream bucket  CHECK
- olive oil  CHECK
- hydrogen peroxide  CHECK
- clean sheets  CHECK
- 4 large gargabe bags  CHECK
- electric heating pad  CHECK
- sterile gloves  CHECK
- stopwatch  CHECK
- clean clothes and blankets  CHECK
- recipes marked in cookbooks  CHECK
- size 1 diapers  CHECK

We are ready for the home birth.


  1. So cute. I think it's funny that you have size 1 diapers ready. Are you just expecting another giant baby like Bennet? ha ha. Can't wait to hear about his/her arrival!!!!

    Sarah Hedman

  2. I love the labels for this blog:

    -home birth

    I am willing to bet you're the first one ever with that combo! ;)