September 17, 2010

Update on James

First -
Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers.  I've often heard people who have come through a crisis talk about being lifted up in prayer and how they could feel it and what a difference it makes.  I now know exactly what they mean by that.  It is truly awesome to hear of all the people who are lifting us up in prayer.  We thank God for you.

Second -
Some of you prayed for poop for Charity Blanchard.  Well, we need you to pray for pee for James Fulton.  Right now it is very important that his kidneys begin to function better.  Once that happens they can give him more "good stuff" including nutrients.  Specifically, because he's puffy, we need him to pee 5 ml per kilo per hour until he pulls through.  Then he'll need to pee 2 ml per kilo per hour.  I ask you to specifically pray for that.  Storm Heaven.

Third -
Pray that his pulminary hypertension is healed.  Basically, things in his heart and lungs need to seal up that haven't yet so that he can breathe better.  This is really important.

Fourth -
Once these two issues are cleared up the doctors and nurses can move on to treating other issues much more actively.  Also, once James' body is working normally in these areas he can focus more strength to healing everything else.

Fifth -
Our friend Lisa has offered to arrange for meals.  If you are interested in helping out please contact her.  Um, Lisa, can I have permission to post your email address on this blog - perhaps in the comment box?  Or how would you like to handle this?

Sixth -
Many people have offered babysitting services for Ben and L.  This would be really great - especially next week when my mother-in-law has to go back to work.  Thank you very much for offering this.

Seventh -
My postpartum "weepy" time is about is hit.  Please pray for me throughout this hormonal shift.

Eight -
Our friend Jenny is trying to arrange a Holy Hour for James.  We will be praying for a miracle through the intercession of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  Hopefully these arrangements can be made.  We'll keep you posted via this blog and f/b and email.

Nine -
I don't want to sound greedy, but many people have asked how they can help, beyond childcare and meals.  Other things that would be helpful are: 
-coming over for some light cleaning, bathroom sinks, sweeping, folding laundry
-gas cards to help with all the trips that happen between Peoria and Goodfield every day
-spreading the word about our son and asking for prayers - this is the most important!

Ten -
Visitors:  We appreciate and enjoy having visitors.  If you want to stop in please feel free.  Please know, though, that if you have any sign of sickness you cannot come into the NICU.


  1. Hang in there Bonnie & Travis. We are all praying for all of you and will do so especially tonight at the Mass for Healing. A number of us will be going up after Mass to ask for individual prayers for James, you and the rest of the family. Please let us know what we can do.
    In His Service,
    Marcia Brogly

  2. Bonnie - do you know what gas station is by your house? i dont want to get a gas card from somewhere and have it be no where near you or the hospital

  3. The kids brought home Archbishop Fulton Sheen prayer cards today. One is hanging on my fridge. Know that every time I see this, James and your entire family will be lifted in prayer.

  4. If you would like to provide a meal for the Engstroms, please contact Lisa at


  5. Hi Bonnie, Just wanted to let you know I am at a retreat this weekend and am asking everyone to pray for your sweet baby James Fulton as well as you and Travis and all the intentions that are on your hearts. Sending lots of love & prayers your way.
    Rach ;0)

  6. Bonnie,
    I can be there Monday. I will babysit, or if the kids are taken care of, I will bring some rubber cleaning gloves:) If I don't hear anything else I will be there by 9. Praying hard!

  7. bonnie,
    i heard about your situation from a friend up in peoria, and i want to let you know that there are several women here praying for you and your family. we know bernice and fr. bliss through circles, and its wonderful that you have these people around you during this time.
    my heart reaches out to you right now- you are included in my rosary prayers. hang in WILL get better.
    through jesus and mary,
    Jen McD

  8. Thank you, everyone!

    Veronica, we have a Shell station by us. Trav says Shell / Freedom gas cards would be great. Thank you!

  9. I want so much to come down and pitch in. But right now my schedule is very much in flux, so as soon as I can get it ironed out, I will call you and I will be down there as soon as I possibly can to do whatever you need. I love you all, hang in there!!!