October 23, 2010

a bug and a princess and a bottle champ

A Bug
A 24 hour stomach bug has been making it's way through our house.  You may remember that L fell victim to it Thursday night.  Ben, poor boy, succumbed last night during dinner.  Both kids were well by morning.  Today, though, poor Trav was the one who awoke to a stomach pain and inability to keep anything down.  The bug is not accompanied by anything but fatigue and nausea.  I really, really hope it doesn't come to me.  I already have missed out on today's visit to JF because of it, and will have to wait 24 hours after Travis begins to get better before I can go back. 

A Princess
Some friends won tickets to Disney's Princesses on Ice show and invited L and I to attend.  She wore her crown and glitter shoes, and borrowed her friend's Snow White dress.  She didn't really like it.  My daughter only watches Yo Gabba Gabba, Baby Einstein, Up, Sid the Science Kid, and Super Why.  If it were Up on Ice should would have loved it.  For my part, I was impressed with their props and the major editing they did to the movies to make the speaking soundtrack for the show.  I also loved watching all the other kids oooh and awww over the beautiful princesses.  So sweet.

A Bottle Champ
For the past two days JF has taken 100% of his feedings by bottle!!  As you know, he had been progressively getting worse - at one point nippling less than 30%.  Then there was the stopping of all food because of the bloody stool, followed by all ng tube feedings.  But then, after I went home and posted an "urgent prayer request" in my Facebook status about his feedings he began taking all of it.  I am so proud of him!  When I spoke with his nurse tonight and was told of his success and my needing to stay away for awhile I had to fight back tears.  I wish I could hold him and tell him how proud I am.
Thanks be to God for this gift of food!


  1. I wonder if his GI investigation irritated his throat and he didn't want to eat until it felt better. Just speculation. I am so glad he is taking his bottle well again.

  2. Bonnie, Aunt Nita - I love the title. Pretty catchy. You should write I think you would be good at it. I'm so sorry about the Bug. Your Mom was telling me how Travis got it the worst she thought. I hope you stay well. The princess was a very thoughtful gift from a friend and maybe she was just a little young. It's cute how you dressed her up. I took Breanna to see Aladdin on ice at the civic center when she was little and she loved it but I'm not sure how old she was. And of course, I am so excited that James has taken 100% of his nourishment from his bottle the last two days. Way to go James. He has already done so much and everyday a little miracle. We will continue to pray. Love ya,

  3. YAY!!! What does this mean with regards to the G-tube?

    Will continue to pray!

  4. I'm experiencing tears of joy - laughing and crying at the same time! I'm so thrilled about James doing well with his bottle feedings. What an answer to prayer!

  5. Hurrah about the 100% bottle feedings. That is fantastic news!