October 27, 2010

Pictures of Wednesday

Dear readers,
Meet the surgically enhanced JF.
No more ng feeding tube.  Doesn't he have a beautiful face?
He's got a blood pressure cuff on his left arm and an iv in his right hand.  You can see the wound on his right leg, the leg that used to be dark purple and the wound that used to be black.
And you can see his g tube.  After 6 weeks, when everything is nicely healed they'll take the tube off and put a button on.
Pretty crazy, huh?

Here's Ben.  The face is perfect with the pj's, eh? 

Showing off his Halloween costume at Uncle K and Aunt M's house.

L in her princess costume.

The best bow I've ever tied in my life.


PS:  The surgery went well.  Here's hoping he doesn't develop acid reflux!


  1. Haha...love Bennet's face! Lydia is a beautiful princess, and James is very handsome! You and Travis really know how to mix together some amazing gene pools to come up with the end result of these beautiful children. ...James looks great! We are continuously praying for a full recovery.. Love ya tons =)

  2. James look like Bennet and you, Bon. He's gorgeous. The kids costumes are adorable. Love, Em

  3. AH! He has the sweetest little face! He looks GREAT! Period. Never mind all the stuff he's been through - he is just a gooood lookin' kid!

    Prayers of gratitude and of acid-reflux-less-ness comin' your way!

    Emily C

  4. All I have to say is that you have 3 beautiful children! So glad to hear that the surgery went well.

  5. I agree with everyone above! James is just so beautiful!

  6. You have such beautiful kids. :) You're all in our prayers.