October 15, 2010

the nurse practioner was mad

Today my poor little boy had to endure hours (like 10) of not being fed so he could undergo tests to see if he has acid reflux.  We don't know yet if he has reflux, but we do know, courtesy an x-ray, that his feeding tube went in his nose, down his throat, into his belly, curled around, and came back out to empty into his esophagus.  No wonder he sounded wet and icky!

Actually, I don't know how much that was affecting him when he nippled and such, but "it didn't help!" in the words of his nurse practitioner. 

You should have seen him, though.  He cried if he didn't have his pacifier, but he also looked around, listened to me sing, held my hand, and was just so cute.  He is so precious.  Adorable.  Wonderful.  Miraculous.

In other news, L spent a long, fun day with her Daddy at work.  Today was Homecoming for the Grey Ghosts, and she had lunch at school, drew on his whiteboard, saw the Homecoming parade, went out for pizza, and went to the football game.  She had a blast.

Also, Ben is cutting another tooth.  He's grumpier than usual, but still so cute.  He is so expressive with his hand gestures, grunts, and babbles.  Also, I'm pretty sure he says, "tickle, tickle, tickle" "mama," "dada," light," "dia" for L, and "ah dah!" means he's happy.

Lastly, about the breastmilk.  I have quite a bit in storage, and JF gets it in his feeding tube, which is what we'll continue to do at home until the milk is gone or he's no longer feeding through the g tube.  I cannot put him to breast because milk is too thin for him to handle.  In fact, the only way he is able to take a bottle is if he has a mixture of rice cereal and formula.  Breastmilk contains an enzyme that breaks down starches so a bottle of breastmilk and cereal would be one consistency at the beginning of a feeding and another, unsafe consistency at the end.

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  1. Bonnie, from Aunt Nita. I was confused by the first paragraph. Did they have his tube in the wrong place and that was causing some of his issues? Did they put in a new tube that he will go home with? The rice cereal and formula mixture is exactly what Ryan had to have because he had reflux for a year (I believe) because if it was too thin it would come back up for him as well. Sometimes they told us they grow out of reflux by 5 or 6 months old once they start sitting up but Ryan was later. That was so precious about Lydia spending the day with Daddy. How exciting for her and what a fun filled day! Bennett sounds so cute and poor little guy with the cutting of teeth. That can be so painful for them. I was so excited to hear about James looking around and you singing to him and all that cute, normal little baby stuff. I'm getting anxious to be able to hold him. I haven't seen him since the Saturday after he was born. Your Mom has said he has changed so much since then. Love you all, praying everyday.