October 19, 2010

tummy problems

Today we learn if James has acid reflux.

At 5pm today we meet with the gi surgeon.  We'll discuss the placement of the g tube (feeding tube to the belly).  Also, if James has acid reflux the surgeon would like to wrap some of James' stomach around the top so it can't reflux.  I lack a lot of info on this surgery, but I'm a little iffy on it.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Pros?  Cons? 

I would appreciate  it if you'd pray for Travis, the surgeons and I as we discuss our options for Little Boy Blue.

And prayers for James to do better with the bottle would be appreciated, too.  They just upped the amount of food he needs to take - he's such a big boy! - but that means it's even harder for him to meet his goals.

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