December 3, 2010

7 quick takes


JF is working off a bit of the flu, I think.  None of my other babies had the flu, probably because of all the awesome breastmilk I was able to feed them.  This little booger just can't seem to catch a break.  But at least he doesn't have acid reflux!

Some friends bought us a Swivel Sweeper.  Beb l o v e s it!  And I don't mind that he loves it because he's actually cleaning my house as he pushes it around.  Yes-uh!

Here's the Advent Wreath L made with some friends.  It was inspired by a CCD project from my youth.  Play do, cheap greens, and birthday candles.  I couldn't find purple candles, though.  If you see some - tell me!

Our Jesse Tree.
A friend invited a group of her friends to take part in a Jesse Tree exchange.  There's 28 ornaments, but each person only had to make one ornament, just 28 times.  So then, in the end, we all had a set of Jesse Tree ornaments completely home made and unique.  What a great idea, eh?!
I made the bloody door out of popcicle sticks and red craft paint because it seemed to be the easiest one.

He is so cute!

This is a "what a small world" story.
On the phone with our family practitioner, Dr. M, he mentions to me that he'd met my cousin, Steve W---.  I was positive I had misheard since Steve lives near Aurora so I asked him to repeat the name.  Sure enough, it was Steve W---.  Turns out that Mrs. Dr. M is from the same town as Steve and her brother and my cousin were good friends in high school.  The brother recently got married and Dr. M and Steve were both groomsmen.  During small talk it came out that Steve had a cousin who lived by Dr. M, and the cousin just had a baby, and yada yada, and Dr. M realized it was me.
What a small world!

L was drawing, and looked up at me with a big smile and said, "Look, Mama!  I drew a triangle!"  I know I'm her mom, but I think that's pretty darn good for a 2.5 year old to draw a triangle like this all by herself.


  1. The swivel sweeper and ball popper are pretty much Lucas's two favorite things in the entire house. Those silly boys.

  2. You are so lucky to have basically the three cutest kids in existence. I am in love with little Bennet! Too adorable for words.

  3. That is a very cute drawing! My almost-three-year old can't quite draw triangles, so you have a right to be proud! (Today, her daddy was trying to teach her the alphabet... she now knows D is for Dolphin.)

  4. I was looking at your Jesse tree and noticed, "Hey, that apple and serpent are just like mine," then realized that's because I was part of the exchange Molly arranged. I didn't realize you were the Bonnie who did the door.

    My girls and I did the dove and crown (my kids are older than yours). I've been following your blog since Molly asked our book club to pray for him.

    I'll be at the Behold Conference in the spring (must send that registration form in). Hop to meet you then.