December 29, 2010

a few faq's on little boy blue and the miracle

How did the cookie swallow go?
The little booger butt refused to eat during it.  After a half hour of trying we had to move on.  But, after visiting his old nurses and doctors in the NICU he immediately gulped down a 4 oz bottle.  I told you he was a booger butt.

What were they looking for with the second MRI?  Why were they doing it in the first place?
Well, we knew that there would be brain damage because of his diagnosis - severe perinatal asphyxia.  That was confirmed by the first MRI.  Sometimes the initial damage from the trauma can be followed by more damage.  The second MRI was checking to see if there was any new damage in the brain.  The doctors were looking for how extensive the damage was, they were not looking for healing.  (!!!!!!)

I thought his brain was healed, why does he need therapy?
James still has to fight through the residual effects of not having oxygen and being cooled.  Feeding therapy is needed so we can monitor his swallowing coordination, and ensure that he is eating safely.  Physical therapy is needed to help with the muscle tone in his legs.  We will especially need to help him with his right leg, which has a fair amount of scar tissue because of the chemical burn.  We'll need to massage and stretch his legs to help him gain full range of motion.

Will this be a miracle for Archbishop Sheen's canonization?
We don't know.  I spoke with a sister in the Diocesan Sheen Foundation Office.  She was very excited to hear the details, but didn't know what would happen.  Because the Diocese of New York refuses to return Sheen's body to his home diocese (the Diocese of Peoria - where I live) they will now have to be the ones to pick up the canonization process.  (I don't know why, but the diocese that is pursuing the canonization needs to have the body.  I know, that's a weird Catholic thing.  But I promise you there is a good reason for it.)  However, we do not know when or if the Diocese of NY will begin to pursue it.  In the meantime, the Diocese of Peoria has asked that we share all medical records and a narrative of what happened with James.

To my knowledge there are already two reported miracles connected with Archbishop Sheen, but I don't know where those stand with the Vatican.  Also, medical personnel will have to say there is no medical explanation for what happened.  I'm not sure if the doctors will say that, they may want to give credit to the cooling pad, or the amazing abilities of the human body.  But many nurses and our family doctor have commented on the power of prayer and the goodness of God. 

How does it feel to have this gift from God?
I don't have the words to tell you.  When the nurse first told me the results she commented on me needing to be pinched.  I told her that I was excited but I was expecting to hear that he was healed.  And it's true.  I knew that I was asking God something huge - to see a healed, normal, healthy brain in the next MRI - but I felt that He just might do it.  And so I wasn't surprised that He did.
 I keep thinking, "I can't believe it!  But I can believe it!"  I guess that probably gives you the best idea of what it's like.
Oh - and if you see me choked up, teary-eyed, or outright crying it's probably because I'm so grateful, excited, joyful, relieved, humbled, awed.  You can feel free to join me.


  1. Hey Mr. James, I'm telling all of my daughter's NICU friends tonight--keep all the drama back in 2010. BORING is the word we want to associate with 2011. Love and prayers, Abigail and Baby Tess

  2. It still blows my mind how far he's come in such a short amount of time! I've witnessed 2 medical miracles this year: James, and our friend who was in the car accident. God is amazing!!

    I'm also learning so much more about the brain than I ever thought I would... and I thought I knew a lot already after my nephew Nate's hemispherectomy!

    We've been praying all along and will continue to pray for James and for you, Travis and the kids.

    Love you all!
    -Ton and Ben