December 9, 2010

sick kids suck

I am tired to cleaning up puke.

I am also tired of extra tantrums.

And grumpiness

And snot.

And 10 poopy diapers in a day.

And all this laundry!

Doctor appointments, medicines, ointments, extra crying, extra whining.



  1. I'm having that kind of a day too. My husband has been out of town for four days and I feel like I'm hanging by a thread. It's hard sometimes, all the responsibility of motherhood. I totally lost my cool with my two year old today too - the look of hurt in his eyes - it's going to haunt me for a long time. Hope things brighten up for you - I've been following you since James was born and have been praying for him. Extra prayers tonight for you for strength and quick healing.

  2. I love my husband because he came home to a sick kid house after reading a book about St. Jerome and said "The Desert Fathers have nothing on you!" Way to clean out purgatory with all your penance this week. St. John of the Cross is leaping for joy! :-)