January 24, 2011

football and the perfect wife

When Travis married me I was thin and pretty and hated football.

Four years later I'm fat but love the sport. 

Yesterday, as we sadly watched the Bears lose, I wore Hester's jersey, encouraged L to change "Go Bears Go!", and dressed all three of my kids in their jerseys.  I watched the pregame - I love that Terry Bradshaw! - as I ate lil smokies.

I was so excited for a Super Bowl with the Bears beating the Steelers.  (I even know who the Steelers are.  And what town their from.  In fact, I can match most teams with their towns.  This is huge for me.)

Now, if I could only lose all the weight I've gained through my pregnancies and NICU, I'll be the perfect wife: a baker, a good cook, keeps a tidy house, thin, hot, likes football.


  1. Haha! I like this. Though I don't believe you are fat. When I met my dh I was just beginning to get some very basic football terms down so I can relate. Now I will get excited when he gives me back stories. We like to root for the little guys and the hometown heroes, etc so I really get into that way. Except when its cold or I am tired and then I just sleep through the games. Btw, I am not a good cook and I keep a just tidy enough house :) but its enough for dh that I don't dress our children up (very often) in my alma mater-his AM's rival :)

  2. I need the weight loss thing...in addition to the baking and cooking skills. :) I'm terrible at all three. Hahaha

  3. Your last comment - that's a dream we all have!