January 1, 2011

Our Jesse Tree project made it to the Springfield, IL diocese newspaper. 

I made the bloody door, but they chose to highlight the Bethlehem ornament instead.  Probably because it's amazing.

Hats off to Molly for organizing the Jesse Tree ornament swap and getting a story in the paper!  Yay for being friends with good Catholic women!

Read about it here.


  1. I thought you were cursing the fact you had to make the door when in fact it literally was 'the bloody door' you made as an ornament. This had me laughing and totally made my morning :) Great article btw

  2. I'm so glad that you joined in with us, Bonnie! One of the best moments in the whole process was you showing up at our front door. It was such a great surprise to see you and your family there!
    Love and prayers to you all!