February 16, 2011

A nice little Valentine's Day

Things are low key around here for Valentine's Day.  We had appointments and I went grocery shopping where I saw at least four men walking around with a bouquet of flowers and one other thing - diapers, steak, beer... 

I made home made valentines, inspired by Catholic Icing, using old, slightly crumpled resume paper and the pen my husband grades with.  The kids got a new book and little boxes of chocolates.  We were very happy to have James' godmother come over for dinner, a few of Trav's favorite things:  home made pizza, hummus, and our new fave kale chips

I know that St. Valentine - the lover of lovers - was taken off the Roman Catholic calendar.  February 14th is officially the feast day of Saints Cyril and Methodius.  For me, Valentine's Day is like Thanksgiving.  Nothing too religious, but a good reminder to express my love for those I love.  And of course, it is good to remember what love really looks like - not chocolates and cards and flowers, but compassion, mercy, and service.

This Valentine's Day was the first day I ever felt that way, but I'm glad I've finally reached that point.  I love Travis not because he's so good at woo-ing me, but because he's kind, gentle, hard-working, honest, funny, and godly.  He is a good man and I thank God I realized that.

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