February 5, 2011


One month from today the second Behold Conference will be happening at Five Points in Washington!

Our guests will be Jennifer Fulwiler, the Sisters of Life, and musician Marie Miller.

With over 200 women registered we are filling up!  Get your registration form and send it in today!  Registration deadline is February 25th!

Go to http://www.beholdconference.com/ for form and all the details.

And now let me be frank:  Ladies, I am working my butt off on this conference because YOU are worth it.  You deserve a day where you can be served, inspired, encouraged, uplifted.  I want you to come, to fall in love with your faith, to understand how much God loves you.  I want you to have the chance to go to confession - maybe for the first time in years - to worship, to sing, to pray.  I want you to learn, to be challenged, to be surrounded by hundreds of women who are joyful.  This conference is going to be great, and it will be better if you are there.  So come!

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