March 25, 2011

7 quick takes

The above song is dedicated to the lovely Amanda S, whom I look up to as a Catholic sahm role model. Please whisper her name to Jesus.

JF's g tube site isn't healing very well. There's lots of redness and leaking and whatnot. Our hope is that by Monday it'll be 100% sealed, though, or close enough that there's nothing to be concerned about. Otherwise he'll go in for surgery.

The kids and I were at St. Mary's Catholic School in Kickapoo yesterday sharing JF's story. A friend teaches jr. high literature and had her students pray the Archbishop Sheen intercessory prayer for JF every day. She invited us to come in so her students could get a better feel for the Body of Christ, miracles, and our awesome God's generosity. It was a lot of fun to be there and I was so touched by one tender-hearted girl who had the most beautiful look of awe on her face the whole time.

Tomorrow is Travis' 29th birthday. We're both going to be treated to a night without kids and a trip to the movies to watch The Adjustment Bureau. I can't wait to celebrate my man! (It felt silly typing that.) :)

Have you read Betty Beguiles' post The Value of Image? It was inspired by the Mormons' new promotional (?) videos. (The ? is because I'm not sure what to call them!) The videos are really neat, and Betty's thoughts really struck a chord with me. I think it's really important to share the struggles of motherhood. I think it's also important to be honest about my attempts at living a life that glorifies God. But this post reminded me how very important it is to also share the joys of my vocation and the peace in my life.

Ben was given a haircut by his daddy a few days ago. Unfortunately, 3/4 of the way through the clippers died and the haircut has not been finished. Therefore, my adorable little boy has been walking around with a mini mullet for about a week.

Come on - that's funny!

Cloth diaper question: Our older diapers are pretty smelly. Does anyone out there know a good way to get the smell of old urine out of them? I usually wash them with a vinegar rinse but that hasn't worked for awhile. Should I give them a good soak in vinegar or something else?

Have a beautiful weekend, friends, and enjoy this feast of the Annunciation! God bless you!


  1. Use plain old blue Dawn dish soap. a healthy squirt, and then when they're all done washing, do an extra rinse. When we were using cloth regularly I did that every other month to keep them smelling fresh.

    also, check out - she has lots of good diaper laundry tips there.

  2. A mini-mullet? It sounds like you're all getting ready to move down south with me...

    Try Calgon in place of vinegar and maybe try stripping them all again. Good luck with that, though.

    And I'll be yelling Amanda S.'s name to Jesus (but in a nice tone, of course) I love her too.

  3. I totally giggled at the thought of Bennet sporting a mullet. :)

  4. We use this info from

    If you're having problems with diapers that stink after washing:

    Try an extra rinse. Sometimes detergent residue can cause diapers to smell.

    Wash once with liquid Dawn (the blue formula). Use 1 teaspoon in a front loader and 1 tablespoon in a top loader. Rinse well.

    If the previous solutions don't work, try 1/4 cup of bleach in the warm/hot wash cycle.

  5. When my diapers get rank, I use some Calgon, an extra rinse, and sunlight. The sun also removes any breastfed poo stains. :D

    Good luck with the stinks!

  6. Your blog counts are probably going through the roof. Sophia loves that song and video and she has learned to successfully navigate herself to your blog to watch it.

    Thanks for your prayers! God is good - ALL the time.

  7. So, I'm guessing you've probably solved your stinky cloth diaper dilemma by now, but if you haven't, I usually soak mine in baking soda overnight before washing, and that seems to really absorb the odor.