March 9, 2011

a story to kick off Lent

This came from my friend Mandy's facebook status:

So we met this man on the airplane, you could tell he was rich by the clothes he wore. He talked to my husand aout how hard it must be to have five kids, and after a long conversation he asked that we meet him at McCormik place on Tuesday. Today that man walked out with about 75 kids books, paint kits, hats, watches, cups, and puzzels. He looked at my husband and said, "Now it's your turn to pay it forward."

He gave us hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Plus he wanted to do it because he knew how hard keeping up with five kids is.

He actually wanted to sit by us on the airplane, others were giving us dirty looks because we were bringing five kids on the plane.. It's really great to know Great people still exist.

What a beautiful story!  Maybe it will inspire you, like it did me, as we prepare our Lenten adventure.

God bless!


  1. How incredible God is! And (I believe)whether he knew it or not,that man was sensitive to the Holy Spirit. How inspiring a way to begin Lent! Praised be Jesus Christ.

  2. Awesome! That story just gave me chills!