March 27, 2011

my idea that I'm super excited about

Today while rocking James to sleep I had a great idea.  I mean, I love this idea.  I am so excited about this idea.  Like I came downstairs and made Travis pause his movie so I could immediately tell him this idea.

Idea:  Use our Baptismal candles in our Easter decorations since every Easter we renew our Baptismal promises.

Travis was a little dismayed that I made him pause his movie for that, but come on, it's a good idea.

What else does one do with their Baptismal candles except keep them in the little box they came in and wonder what to do with it? 

Oh except for this other great idea I have which is to celebrate my kids' Baptism days with a nice dinner with their godparents, cake, and the relighting of their Baptismal candle.  Of course I haven't actually done that yet, but I have every intention of actually getting around to it some day.

So I'd love to know, how do you and your family use your Baptismal candles?  Also, do you celebrate the anniversary of your family members' Baptisms?  And do you have any special Easter decorations in mind?


  1. I love that idea and plan on using the candles too for Easter and their baptisms. Here's what we did on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord - kinda like you, it just hit me all of a sudden that day and was really excited about it!

  2. We celebrate our children's Baptism Days with cake and a gift and a special dinner.

    We have had the Godparents over to help celebrate too and I think that is a way to honor them for their support in helping us raise our children in the Faith.

    We do honor their birthday, but we have a bigger celebration on their Baptism Day.

  3. I've heard that some families use the baptismal candle to light the child's birthday candles every year.

  4. My boyfriend's family celebrates the Baptism anniversaries by re-lighting the candle and having a bit of a celebration. They also light candles in honor of relatives that have past to represent their Baptized life on earth and new life in Heaven. Its a really sweet tradition.

    They also re-light their unity candle and all the baptism candles on Easter and other special Holy days. They do this with pictures-like a mini shrine...haha.

    You are such a joyful MOM. Miss you.


  5. Keri -
    1- boyfriend??!!!
    2- unity candle??!!
    that is all.