March 9, 2011

Please vote!

Hi gang!
My good friends have entered a video contest for Children's Advil.  Would you mind voting for them?

Below is a little note from my friends explaining the video and what they hope to do with the prize money.

Yes, we’re finalists in another video contest! This time, it’s for Children’s Advil, and our video is called “Superhero Sisters Defeat the Fever.” Lucy and Bridget sing and dance in cute costumes, and use their super powers to chase all the yucky germs away. It’s our best video yet!

To view our video and vote, go here.  (Under the video, you’ll see a blue box labeled “Vote Now for this Video.”)

You can vote once per day, from March 8th through March 20th. We’re one of fifteen finalists, and the grand prize is $15,000! (If we win, we’ll use the money to reduce our debt, which will help enable us to send our daughters to Catholic schools.)

Thanks again for viewing our videos, voting for us, and spreading the word – we truly appreciate it!

- Ryan, Veronica, Lucy, Bridget, and Anne


  1. you rule. :) for lots of reasons, not just this. but, you rule extra for this. :) My mom still reads your blog, so i'm sure she'll call me tomorrow in excitement that you posted this. ;)

  2. Just voted. Your girls are super cute, Veronica!

  3. Okay, that was stinking cute. I voted for them. :-)