April 8, 2011

7 quick takes

Important question:  was anyone out there asking for Archbishop Sheen's intercession during the 61 minutes that JF did not have a pulse? 
Probably not since it was from about 2-3am but I need to know for sure when people began asking for his intercession.

I want to have a tea party and watch the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate but I'm not so sure since they're getting hitched at 5am my time.  I've still got 2 more hours in bed at that point! 
But maybe I'll go ahead and invite some lucky friends over for tea, crumpets, and cake anyways.  I'm sure there will be highlights of it all day long. 

I've been updating my food blog, the bonnie dinner table.  I have been trying all kinds of new recipes so watch out for even more good food!

Here's the run down on what's been doing on with JF:
- surgery went well and the site seems to be healing well.
- while he was "going under" with the anesthesia he had a small seizure.  Our family doctor and the surgeon are not too concerned and said that anesthesia can sometimes trigger a seizure.  We spoke with the on-call neurologist while at the hospital but I'm waiting to meet with JF's regular neuro before a definitive opinion is formed.  We have not, however, put JF back on the anti-seizure meds at this time since everyone still seems to believe that he's still at a low risk of having another one.
- while recooping from surgery JF came down with a small case of pneumonia.  Fortunately it is most likely not from aspirating but from the head cold he had.  Thanks to his antibiotics he's already feeling better.

I keep saying that apart from his miraculous healing the poor guy can't catch a break!

Tonight I go to my friend's house to make the invitations for L's 3rd birthday party.  Every year we have scrapbooked the invites using pictures of the kids.  It's so much fun for me and I'm always thrilled to see what great ideas Katie comes up with as I am barely creative at all.

I have saved the best for last, ladies and gentlemen.
With all of my kids getting better L and Ben have both slept through the night the last two nights and JF only woke up twice!  After 3 weeks of very, very rough nights we are so grateful for normal sleep again!   

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  1. I was praying while caring for him from the time he rolled through the ER doors, while I put in his breathing tube and belly button line. No specific prayer though, just "Help him, help him, help him - help me help him!" over and over again under my breath. God was very present to me (and, I like to think, to James as well) during that time..

    Bonnie, have you ever read the book "Heaven is for Real" about a three year old who spent some time with Jesus before coming back? I wonder a lot about those 61 minutes. God has done a mighty work in your son!