April 21, 2011

cp, clumsy, or normal

We finally had our 6 month check up with the developmental pediatrician. He had a lot of good things to say and could tell me many things that JF will not be. He will not be severely mentally retarded (his words). He will not have severe cerebral palsy. He will not have moderate cerebral palsy. These are very, very good things.

But the doctor can still not tell me who JF will be. Our options are:
a) mild cerebral palsy
b) a clumsy kid
c) normal.

Those are good options and I'm grateful for how far we've come. 

The doctor was concerned about the following:
1- JF was doing things a 4 or 5 month old does, not a 7 monther.
2- He lacks coordination of his upper body as evidenced by shrugging his shoulders up high while trying to sit, not being able to catch himself when he sways while sitting independently, slumping forward when he sits, and stiffening his entire body when he's put in a standing position.
3- He has not begun using consonants in his babbling.
4- Usually he does not roll over and can get stuck in a position he doesn't like.

He said that JF's brain may still be working its way out of the brain injury and that there's a chance it will finally settle as a normal brain.

So the miraculous healing continues!  Thank you for your prayers!

And just so you know since that appointment JF has greatly improved in his tummy time and sitting abilities.  It's like he just had to be threatened.  He did that kind of stuff in the NICU, too.


  1. So glad the appointment went well and that the options left on the list are all the best ones!

  2. He's such a fighter, improving already just in a few days! It's like he was thinking "uh oh, busted...guess I better get started on this muscle building stuff" :)

  3. Keep up the good work, James!!! Always praying for your family.

  4. So glad to hear that James continues to improve. I think about you all often and continue to pray for both James and the entire family.

    God Bless!