May 6, 2011

7 quick takes - the really fast edition

1 - I am so tired.  I've been getting pretty good sleep - L and B sleep through the night and J wakens only once for a quick bottle and right back to bed.  But no matter how many hours of sleep I have, 6 or 7 or 8 or even 9, I still feel like crud in the morning. 

2 - JF has a bottom right tooth, ladies and gentlemen!  And I didn't even know he was teething!

3 - He is also sitting now.  His physical therapist wants him to be able to transition from laying to sitting and to work on reaching across "midline" to play with toys, etc.  I guess at 8 mo (he's 7.5) most babies would be doing that but I sometimes think that doctors and therapists are trained to find things wrong and would have found much fault with my other two kids.

4 - L turned 3 on Tuesday.  Her birthday party is tomorrow.  Everything will be pink, per her initial request.  I say "initial" because on her birthday she told me that purple is now her favorite color and everything should be purple for her birthday. 

5 - Last night L was practicing writing.  "How do you spell 'cat'?" she asked.  "C-A-T," I told her.  A minute later she was holding up her paper with "CAT" printed clearly.  We were impressed.

6 - A friend called and offered to babysit the kids so Travis and I could go out.  It was awesome and we were happy to take her up on it.  Wednesday was a much needed date night for the two of us and the kids were very happy to spend time playing with our lovely friend.

7 - It feels like I've been potty training L for a year.  Oh wait - I have!  When is this girl finally going to get it?!


  1. Hannah would have been in trouble, too. She hated sitting up because she would have rather played with her toys laying on her back. She was almost 9 months before she would transition from laying to sitting.

  2. #1--Get your iron levels checked. When I feel tired all the time for no good reason, that's usually my clue to check my iron levels. And pregnancy does a number on your iron reserves.

    #3--I wonder with James if his developmental age should be measured by when he left NICU than by his actual age. That's what they do with preemies--measure by due date age and not born date age.

    Related, I thought you might be interested in the story of Fr. Wayne Ball since mild CP is still on your possibilities list.

    #7--It took my oldest daughter a year and a half to get mostly potty trained and she still has accidents at 5.5 years old. She just forgets to go potty. Not much encouragement there, I know, but my second daughter potty trained in two weeks with a newborn in the house. For real. I was stunned and pleasantly surprised. So your other kids may make up for the frustration with the oldest.

  3. Speaking as a are exactly right!

  4. My second transitioned from lying to sitting on her 8th month birthday. Oh, and just to point out how completely normal she is, she's the athletic one of my two kids loves to run, rock climb, ride horses, etc., and she graduated from college magna cum laude. My son (also a college grad) didn't roll over until he was past 5 months (and the doctor bugged me about that too).

  5. Also maybe get your thyroid checked. Sometimes you can get hypothyroidism after pregnancy. I wonder if that was part of my problem after Margot, always super tired and had the hardest time losing weight, despite dieting and working out.

  6. Thanks, ladies! Good things for me to look into and think about!

  7. Seriously? From laying to sitting? Not a single one of my children have done that before they were at least nine months old. My second didn't do that until she was a year! And my current 9 month old can barely crawl, so I'd just take everything they say with a grain of salt.

    Kids develop differently. I hate those stupid "milestone" things.

  8. I was actually diagnosed with Grave's Disease after pregnancy (hyperthyroidism). Babies do weird stuff to our body.

    Brennan's seeing a therapist to help him walk, he just started pulling up a few weeks ago, and he's 14 months. James will be okay. :)

    Did I mention your kids are just too cute?!?

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  9. Hey Bonnie, every once in a while I stumble back to your blog and it always makes me thankful, your candid reflections are refreshing and supportive!
    PS... 1. I completely understand what you mean! My only hope is to have things in the morning to get to or I'm set on super slow mode til about noon! I have never been able to wake up energized. We have a home video of me at 5 years old pulling the covers back over my head...
    3. For what it's worth, Ben's just over 9 mo and still can't get to a sitting position on his own. It's so fun to watch them as parents because you really just never know what they'll figure out next :)