May 13, 2011

7 quick takes

1. I like this song and I thought you might like it, too.
2. L has a lot of interest in learning to write. She's pretty good, even though she usually writes right to left and forms backwards letters. Does anyone have any tips on how to encourage her to write things correctly?
3. Do you read Hallie Lord's blog Betty Beguiles? If not, then you should check it out. Her writing has inspired me to re-wear outfits and not feel bad about it, buy some cute shoes, and put concealer on every day. I feel better about myself and how I'm presenting myself to the world. Thank you, Miss Lord!
4. If you do not know me personally, let me explain that my hair is wavy, light brown, and goes all the way down to my lower back. I like how long it is, and have often joked that it is my one beauty. My husband loves it. So does my mom. But I have been itching to try something new with it for a little while. Something shorter and chic and something I can actually style. However since I want to remain attractive to my husband I will be keeping it long. Oh the sacrifices that marriage brings!
5. I've gotten all kinds of great tips on how to make it through the hot summer. Seems like a lot of parents opt for long baths. I will definitely be putting that one into practice! Thanks, friends!
6. Exciting news for all of you who love Archbishop Sheen! The Positio - a book which summarizes the life and holiness of Archbishop Sheen - will be presented to Pope Benedict on May 25th! "The Positio, or position paper, will be filed formally with the Congregation for Saints' Causes as the initial step in the Vatican's process to determine whether Archbishop Sheen should be beatified and canonized." To read more check out the website for Sheen's cause.
7. Just to keep it real I feel like I should confess that I have yet to use any of my bold new moves. But, I really liked what Sarah H. said in the combox about using Scripture when we pray over people. My priest is always encouraging us to memorize the Psalms so we can use those to pray for and with others and my goal for this weekend is to pick out a Psalm and start. I'll take suggestions if you've got a favorite!


  1. With Lydia's writing, when you read to her, point to the words from left to right so that she gets used to the pattern. Also, sit down and practice her name with her one letter at a time.

  2. It's normal for young kids to write their letters backwards, she'll figure it out when she's older.

  3. With the bag of boy clothes is now one of those letter formation magnet kits I showed you one time. I'll bring it all Monday night!

  4. I love praying psalm 91 for my family and other people. Just did a few minutes ago actually for a friend's son who is in crisis. Also, I strongly recommend the book "praying scriptures for your children" by Jodie Berndt. It would be good for anyone who prays - not just moms. I have used the things I learned from that book to pray for my husband, friends, etc. Praying Scripture has completely changed my prayer life, has intensified my love for the Word, and therefore also brought me closer to God.

  5. I really like Brooke Fraser and I like that you put it as #1 so that we could listen as we read. Thanks.

    Also, I love your hair and wish that mine was a little longer and wavier like yours but darker than mine. Good luck with the cut. (You could probably rock some cute swoopy bangs...)

  6. They teach a whole different style of handwriting...I had to teach myself when Avery started writing. I'd ask your teacher-friends for good websites to print practice pages on. :)

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I let your fun song play in the background while reading your post. It was fun :)

    I'm no expert on early childhood education, even though I'm a teacher. Intermediate is a whole different world than the young ones! I like the idea your friend said to point to the letters as you read a book and mention that they go left to right. As I'm walking down the hallways at work I even see our first graders inverting their d's and b's, so she's fine!

  8. What about adding some side sweep bangs and some facial framing... them you'll feel like you have a hair-do to keep up but still have your long hair. Bangs can really make a differeence.

  9. Oh, Bonnie, you're so sweet! Thank you!

    And just so you, my beautiful friend, have inspired me far more than I suspect you realize. You're an absolute treasure!