May 19, 2011

a small success

Grocery shopping yesterday was awesome. 

No one cried.
We were in and out.
I only forgot to get three items.
I stayed on budget ($70).
I got 10 boxes of name brand pasta for $5.

And the best part: by using a couple of coupons and buying sale items I saved $35.71!

Sometimes I feel like I am really doing a poor job with the whole housewife thing.  But when I save 1/3 of my grocery bill without really even trying, well I feel a-mazing.  Now perhaps part of the reason I saved so much was because of the huge sale on pasta.  And of course it's going to take a couple months to eat it all.  But dude, I'm owning it.  We have space in the cabinets and we eat pasta at least 3 times a month. 

People, I was so excited about the deal I actually texted some local friends. 

Maybe you're sitting there thinking that I'm a dork for being so excited about $35.  A day later I'm still giddy.  But, you see, it was almost $36 - which is even more money!

I don't usually have this kind of success at good ole Kroger's.  Whatever.  Today, I feel triumphant. 


  1. This small sucess today.

    Extreme Couponing tomorrow. Have you SEEN that show?

    Way to go!

    Roxy at TSKGS

  2. You should feel good about it! I'm still learning how to coupon but it feels great saving money! Do you have Fresh and Easy stores there? If so Kroger accepts their coupons... I just found that out :P