June 30, 2011

7 quick takes

1 - Happy 4th of July Weekend!  Here's some Shooter Jennings for your all American listening enjoyment.  "Like a queen in your nightgown" - I still love that line. 

2 - Man, that song makes me want a beer.  Wait - hold on a second ----  ahhhh... beer....

3 - Updates on JF:  He saw an orthopedic specialist at the recommendation of his physical therapist.  Doc said not to worry about the bowed legs.  JF also saw a dermatologist who said he has a pretty severe eczema.  Also, he is CRAWLING!  He's been growing in his mobility but today he crawled from the living room, down the hall, and into the dining room.  I am thrilled!

4 - Story:  The orthopedic specialist asked if I was nervous about JF's legs because the PT thought there was an issue.  I said no, pointed to Ben and explained that Ben had bowed legs and was pigeon-toed so we were used to it.  He then checked out Ben and said that neither of the boys needed surgery, special shoes, or braces.  This makes me very happy.  But I'm a little worried that we might get billed for both boys.  I swear the only reason Ben was actually with us was because I didn't have a sitter!

5 - I am now back home.  The kids are with my mother-in-law, Travis is out of town, and I am in a mostly finished home that seriously needs to be put back in order before the kids can return.  If anyone is bored they can help me clean and move furniture.

6 - Both bathrooms have fresh coats of paint.  I now need towels that match.  And a new shower curtain upstairs.  Anyone wanna trade a dark green shower curtain for a white or grey one?

7 - I have this very strong desire to begin living in nurse scrubs.  Have you seen them lately?!  There are some cute scrubs out there - especially tops!  I could wear them all day, most days and when I'm out in public people would just think I'm a nurse on my way home from work.  I think it's a brilliant idea.  And that's not just the beer talking.


  1. First of all...that's awesome about James! So happy for you guys! Thanks be to God!

    Also, I have always loved that Shooter Jennings song.

  2. Wonderful news about James! Surely hope you don't get billed for Bennet...:(

    Wish I was able to come and help you clean and move furniture! I like that kind of stuff, especially when it's somebody else's house.

    I don't like scrubs...something about the material actually makes me sweat :P I know TMI. I had to wear white scrubs as a receptionist for a crazy doctor...I managed to find white tops that "passed" of a material I could feel comfortable in. But yes, some scrubs ARE getting rather chic! you have to pair them with those closed clogs to complete the look :) Now those I love, scrubs or no.
    Blessing and Peace to your family! And a very happy 4th!

  3. You make me smile : )

  4. I have some scrubs, from back when I was working at the hospital. Some are cute but the really cute ones are really expensive.

    They may be comfortable but when I wore them out in public, or when I saw people wearing them, I was kinda grossed out, thinking of what they were doing in those scrubs while working. I know I wasn't doing pretty stuff in them

  5. @ Lisa, Did you do things like wipe up snot, spit up, blood, and poop, wipe people's butts, scrub things, take out garbage, get spit up on, get sneezed and coughed on...
    It seems as a mom of three little ones I might be just as "gross" but I don't have scrubs to make you think of it all! HA!

  6. @ Kelly, I wish you lived closer, too. You could mentor me as we rearranged my living room. It would be wonderful.

  7. WAY TO GO JAMES!!!!!

    Love your comment about being "gross" even though you are not wearing scrubs - haha!

    And I am so with you, that song always makes me want a beer and then to raise it in the air while I dance and sing to that song.....enjoy one for me! :)

  8. I'm smiling as I picture James crawling around the house. What a blessing!

  9. I'm pigeon-toed. To help lessen how pigeon-toed I was as a kid, the doc recommended that my parents encourage me to sit cross-legged & not on my knees w/my feet under me. He also told my parents to put me in gymnastics when I was old enough, which would help strengthen my hip and knee areas, perhaps helping my feet straighten.

    I didn't stick w/the gymnastics & I was never good about sitting cross-legged, so I'm still pigeon-toed. The only way it affected me was that I endured some teasing growing up - but that's clearly just because they were just people who were jealous of my perfection in all other areas

    Miss you,
    Sarah Munoz-Bates