June 17, 2011

7 quick takes

1 - Blogging at my mom's sucks.  I can't post videos.  I can't leave comments on other people's blogs.  For some reason my blogger dashboard is odd formatted.  And this is about the 3rd time I've typed this...  Otherwise, staying at my parents' home has been wonderful, but here's a few things I've wanted to say:
Kaitlin, I loved your engagement story!  The best ones always involve peeing in the woods. 
Cynthia, I loved your post on beauty.  Thank you for sharing those thoughts.
Also, I apologize that there is no music to read by today.

2 - Travis has been working hard on our house which is why the kids and I are at my parents' house.  He's gotten a lot accomplished, including our laundry room.  What was once a 30% finished room filled with crap is now DONE with shelves, cabinets, and all kinds of room for storage.  You might be jealous when you see it.  Fair warning.

3 - L has taken to saying "cockle-doodle-do-do" all the time.  It is her expression of choice.  I turned it into a brilliant joke:
What did the rooster say when he stepped on some poop?
I know.  I'm awesome.  You can bask in my glow.

4 - We saw the newest Pirates movie.  Lame-o.  However, I did love that the Catholics were the portrayed rather well.  Did you like it?  Or were you smart enough not to see it?

5 - For those of you who haven't seen it, I am referring to the end of the movie, when the British, the pirates, and the Catholic Spanish all arrive at the Fountain of Youth at about the same time.  The Brits and the pirates are fighting over it when the Spanish come in  and declare that only God can grant eternal life.  They then destroy the the area.  Boo-yah! 

6 - Teeth.  Ben loves brushing his and JF now has 3.

7 - Tonight we are going to Galva for Ella Berry's benefit.  Ella was born with an undetected heart condition.  She almost died when she was a few days old, was life flighted to the same hospital JF was in and just came home from the PICU last week.  If you are looking for something to do, and would like to support the Berry's huge medical bills, please consider coming.


  1. Ah, thanks for the link Bonnie! Oh, and I must say, I love how Travis is always working a little bit on your house! What a good hubby! I feel like we are in the same boat over here. Some house project around here underway more often than not.

    Next month? A deck. Goodness gracious.

  2. I totally feel your pain of blogging away from home. Luckily I saved a few posts with bideo and photos before I left and I'm posting them as I go.

    Jude's parents' computer also wouldn't let me comment on blogs AND it lost my entire engagement story after I hit publish. Ugh. I had nice glass of wine that night.